About ADV Angola

ADV Angola is a company registered under Angolan law whose scope of activity is providing a specialised platform in health insurance management, adapted to meet Angolan organisational values and culture and meeting the specificities of the market in which it operates.

ADV Angola, which from its inception has drawn on the technical and operative experience of its international partner AdvanceCare – Gestão de Serviços de Saúde, S.A., started trading in September 2013, with the management of health insurance for Tranquilidade – Corporação Angolana de Seguros. In 2014 it broadened its Client portfolio by beginning managing the health insurance portfolio of ENSA Seguros de Angola, S.A. and NOSSA Seguros (Nova Sociedade de Seguros de Angola, S.A).

The multi-client nature of ADV Angola means that its Insurer clients enjoy a range of competitive advantages in the Angolan market which are second-to-none, namely:


  • Stable operative processes which are focused on a service of excellence;
  • Significant economic advantages as a result of pooling our resources;
  • Access to state-of-the-art technology which has been demonstrably tried and tested and is permanently updated, and based on best market practices;
  • Access to a vast range of management information enabling a balanced technical management for its Insurer portfolio;
  • Guarantee of absolute impartiality for the interests of the different stakeholders;
  • High degree of specialisation in technical, clinical and actuarial domains;
  • Strongly Client-oriented and focused on Quality Service;
  • Teams specializing in geared to the specific Customer and business needs.