SOL Seguros, S.A.

The insurance company SOL SEGUROS, S.A. was constituted and open for business on the 2nd of March 2016, it has as its mission statement to be the Insurance Company that will be the choice and preference of all people, both that reside in Angola as citizens and all foreigners that eventually will want to establish business in Angola.

The company principle and compromise is to target business, houses, peoples and its assets. Our main business is based on the Excellency and determination to protect our clients and their assets. We have our foundation based on principles such as excellency, rigor, ethics that will most definitely meet our clients expectations leading to utmost satisfaction, when we offer high  standards of efficiency and positive actions that will lead to excellency.

As the Sun rise for everyone, SOL SEGUROS, S.A. is an Insurance for everyone, no matter its background because our rays do shine to the most distant parts of the earth.

SOL SEGUROS, S.A. has a full coverage in the Angolan territory throughout our network and agencies that belongs to our HOLDING BANCO SOL, which enables and supports our activity to all Angolan territory.

For Further information about our insurance and our products SOL SEGUROS, please contact our helpline using the numbers: Tel.  (+244) 923 120 160 | E-mail: