Human Resources

ADV Angola is a young and dynamic company which is within a fast-growing activity sector, boasting a high level of development and potential.

ADV Angola’s focus in terms of Human Capital ensures a symbiosis between the growth of our Resources and the strategic objectives of the company.

In this sense, all of our human resource policies reflect our Vision, Mission and Values, meaning that we constantly strive to value our Staff members, who we believe to be our most valuable resource, providing our greatest competitive advantage.

ADV Angola’s human resources policy is based on three main pillars:


  • Managing performance by stimulating professional and personal growth
  • Developing skills sets that are aligned with the company’s strategy
  • Promoting an effective communication, inculcating the spirit of cooperation and common objectives.

Only by constantly investing with conviction in our Resources can we achieve the goals of excellence which we are striving for, which is why it represents a cornerstone of our business management policy. In this sense, our Resource training is ongoing and performance feedback is constant while active communication policies are encouraged between all structures in the organisation, among other initiatives.

If you want to collaborate with us, please send us your application by email:

By sending an application email, the candidate expressly authorizes ADV Angola (SU) Lda to collect and process personal data within the purposes and limits for which they were made available and in accordance with current Angolan legislation.