Vision, Mission and Values

Since being set up, ADVAngola has focused on the Angolan market, grounded on its principles which are mirrored in its Vision, Mission and Values.

We define a strategy that is based on the satisfaction of our customers, partners and employees because we believe that is the only way to achieve the purpose of our vision.

We believe that great challenges will lead us to creative solutions and therefore we bet on innovation but above all, in quality.

We also seek that our objectives reflect our values and ideals, but also reveal our strategy in the different markets where we are.




Manage with excellence health services, with the vision to be the industry leader, recognized for the quality of service, the diversity of products, the presence in new markets and strategically aligned with customers and business partners.

  • Client Focused

    Understanding the culture, values and needs of the Clients and exceeding its expectations.
  • Flexibility

    Taking diversity into account. Fostering and embracing change.
  • Attitude of Excellence

    Operating with precision and accuracy while seeking ongoing improvement with a high level of commitment that is results driven.
  • Innovation and Creativity

    Exploring ideas, markets and coming up with solutions.
  • Team Spirit

    Assuming a dovetailed, cooperative and partnered attitude in order to achieve a common objective.
  • Integrity

    Believing and acting in accordance with the principles of transparency, respect, honesty, impartiality and ethics.

We believe that only this way, we can achieve excellence in services we provide to our various stakeholders: customers, partner, shareholders and employees.